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Looking for luxurious, sophisticated, high-quality skin care products and cosmetics? Missha has the right beauty fix for you. This high-end beauty brand offers an extensive line-up of lavish formulations that feel like liquid gold for your skin.

Dedicated to giving you that five-star skin care treatment experience, Missha’s formulations are nothing short of premium quality. Each product is made with carefully curated ingredients, promising nothing short of optimal results with each and every use.

The Best Care for Your Skin

If there’s anything that Missha considers its bread and butter, it has to be their M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42. This Missha BB cream boasts a silky, smooth, buttery consistency that looks and feels like a premium formulation should. What makes it such a great choice is that it offers complete coverage with a light feel that doesn’t weigh down your skin. The Missha First Treatment Essence is another bestseller that you shouldn’t miss out on, especially if you want a potent skin care solution that can solve all your complexion woes.

A Face Mask for All Occasions

Understanding the importance of giving your skin the appropriate care both before and after makeup application, Missha has come out with a vast array of face masks that target a number of different skin issues. So whether you’re having trouble with dryness, blemishes, aging, dullness, or oiliness, you can be sure there’s a Missha face mask for it!

Each mask uses a soft, non-abrasive disposable cloth material soaked in premium ingredients that help bring out the best of your skin. Plus – they’re super affordable, so you can get all the benefits of the Missha brand at a wallet-friendly cost.

Makeup Essentials You Should Never Be Without

Aside from skincare, Missha also has a number of different makeup essentials that are sure to find their place in your kit. Their Signature Dewy Rogues are the perfect companion for girls who want to make a statement without the need for lip-drying matte formulations. The brand also offers a unique Style Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon that gives you greater control over your lipstick application. So if you’re looking for the perfect product to give you that statement lip you’ve been dying to achieve, give the Missha line of lipsticks a browse. takes pride in its status as one of the most trusted online retailers of Missha in Singapore. Find the perfect Missha makeup and skin care products for your preferences by shopping with us today!